Nazarene Israel - Norman Willis

If you want to know and live your Scriptures, then Nazarene Israel is for you.

Every day, more and more people feel led to study their Scriptures for themselves, to check and see if what they believe really agrees with His Word. They are realizing the Messiah meant what He said, that He did not come to do away with the Laws of Moses, or with any of the prophecies over Israel (Matthew 5:17-19).

More people are realizing that the New (or Renewed) Covenant does not replace the original covenant, but that it only "renews" the original one.

If you are new to the Hebrew Roots Movement, please check out "The Original Faith" or the "Nazarene Israel" study under our Studies tab. There you will find studies that will show you why a day will come (following the tribulation) when a remnant of the Christians, Jews and Muslims will all come together in the land of Israel, with the original faith of the apostles as their national religion. Nazarene Israel is working to prepare for that day.

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