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TORAH PARSHA - Ve-Zot Ha-Berakah / "And this is the blessing"

Hebrew Date: 23 Tishri 5774
Torah: Deuteronomy/Devarim 32:1-52
Haftarah: Rahoshua/Joshua 1:1-18
Brit Chadasha/Renewed Covenant: Gilyahna/Revelation 20:1 - 22:21

What is HebrewNation.net?

Hebrew Nation.net is your resource center for understanding everything about the Bible, prophesy, and the roots of the Christian and Jewish faiths from a Hebrew perspective. Discover the richness of the Bible viewed through the lens of the life, culture, and perspective of Jesus/Yeshua and the Old and New Testament writers. You can also find other like-minded believers here, do business together, talk about the living Scriptures and learn about the culture we were really made to be a part of as members of God’s, or YHVH’s house.

What does that mean? Our culture, no matter where we live, has been designed to keep us from knowing truth. Hebrew Nation opens up an opportunity for us to begin to build and experience community and culture as we were intended to be from the beginning – a society based on the eternal Word of YHVH as it is lived out through the various functions, teachers and services a new emerging nation should expect. This new culture is built first around our Father and His Messiah as revealed to us through Scripture but implemented through seven major influences or for continuity, sticks of the menorah; Education, Commerce, Faith, Family, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Media.

HebrewNation.net is only a part of Abba’s (Father’s) plan for restoring His people through social media, providing a gateway to the best teachers and instructors from all over the planet, congregation teaching support and congregation locators.

For Hebrew Nation Radio, visit HebrewNationOnline.com, where you will find our archive of podcasts and bookstore.

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